unique + Limitless

They say no two snowflakes are the same. I imagine no two frost flakes are the same either. Just as no two people are the same. We are each a unique pattern of creation etched into the space of our lives. Traveling in unknowable yet intelligent paths, which hindsight reveals to us the overall beauty. We can always access the next step ahead of us, but can never know the full picture until the journey is complete. Over time we create the most beautiful stories, but it is done one step at a time, one moment at a time, and is subject to so many variables we cannot predict. Variables that alter the course of the path and create beauty we could have never made on our own. Variables that are really wise universal Divine intelligence in disguise, guiding us with an invisible and gentle hand.

Although we come in to this life with somethings to aid us on our journey, the surface on which we develop is largely unwritten. We begin as mostly blank slates; we are designed to be limitless. The potential is endless, except once limits begin to be placed upon us, knowingly and unknowingly, handed down by loving and well meaning adults in our lives.

Eventually, once we've we finally see the edges and become tired enough of feeling tight in the box of conditioning, and with enough grace and grit, we explore and release these limits. We become limitless once again. But this time consciously. These limits shaped us and we grew because of them, within their confines and eventually outside of them. It is then that we get to consciously co-create with the Divine intelligence that creates all this beauty, the One who has lovingly guided us all along.


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