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Love is letting go of the mask of fear

Throughout life, if we are listening, the same message repeats over and over and over, trying to get our attention, calling us back into truth. That there is only love, and letting go of fear is the way back to being aware of the love we are, back to be•ing love. That fear is only a mask worn over love to give us the illusion we can stay safe from what is upsetting to us and we cannot control.
Fear is very black and white - there are no grey areas. It's all or nothing; you're either scared or your not, there is no in between. Many of us grew up in conditions that resulted in a fearful experience of childhood - so much we couldn't control with no choice but to go along for the unpredictable ride. It was either okay, or bad. Happy wasn't a state of being to trust because it was taken away so easily at another's whim. Being that is what we experienced so early in life, we developed an unconscious "black and white" way of being and seeing our world. We conti…

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