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I took this photo on the day I captured the intuitive images for A Year of You ™ - January's Active Faith virtual circle. It wasn't meant to be part of the circle that day - so it wasn't - but it was taken within the same intention and same energy. I've been stumbling upon it over the past few days and so I decided to share it.
I felt that virtual circle was a deepening into faith for me as well as all those that took part. And I really had no idea when I took this image that specific things would come up for me this week that would really challenge the deep faith in the unknown I had cultivated for myself over the past few years. Life, I am learning, is a constant deepening. Deepening in understanding, humility, surrender, and anything else you can think of. We travel a spiral, journeying through repeating themes, just in a deeper way each time around, and with greater understanding and awareness and capacity to grow into more of the same.
The trail…

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