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The voice { + wisdom } of grief | Part II

Most mornings, I sit with a notebook and pen and I write. What I write is whatever most needs to be seen and heard by me at the time. Sometimes I am inspired with my words and other times I am emptied out of what was burdening me, but each time I become more centered, more focused, and more clear. One recent morning, grief was again very much on my mind and what came through my pen was very loving, guiding, nurturing and reassuring for me. This evening as I walked through the forest, more insight came through again. I realize this is wisdom that everyone can find truth in and it might not be meant me alone, and so I share it with you...

August 30, 2019 8am
"The only way out of grief is right through it. Walk straight in, eyes open, and grief, along with life, will heal you. We fear that the opposite will happen; that we will be torn to bits, combust internally, or be shattered forever. But, that is only fear, and fear is not truth. The truth is you will heal. 
With your eyes and…

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